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Date:25 September (Wed.), 2019 Venue:Hotel New Otani Tokyo

The Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting was inaugurated in 2018 as the world's first platform to encourage countries worldwide to promote global-level utilization of hydrogen and to further consolidate collaboration among member countries in a synergistic manner. Japan hosted the first meeting, which brought together responsible ministers and officials from 21 countries, region and organizations as well as over 300 representatives of companies, governmental stakeholders, and experts in the field of hydrogen. Participants proactively exchanged views on the importance of hydrogen toward energy transition and decarbonization, current situations and future perspectives of hydrogen-related technologies, need for international collaboration to create a new market for hydrogen that is self-sustainable in terms of business, and other issues. Finally, the member countries released the Tokyo Statement as a chair’s summary of the meeting.

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Following on from the 2018 meeting, the Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting 2019 will be held in light of advancement of hydrogen-related technologies and increasing global expectations for hydrogen as a next-generation energy. Participants will share information on the progress of Tokyo Statement efforts in member countries, and based on this, enrich discussions on future directions of policies for global utilization of hydrogen and further fortify international collaboration.

What's new

08 April 2019 -
Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting 2019 to be Held.
09 July 2019 -
Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting 2019 official website has been released.
09 August 2019 -
Registration has been started.
20 August 2019 -
A part of the program has been published on the website.
06 September 2019 -
We are afraid the application has been closed. The result of the random draw will be informed to all applicants by the end of next week.
25 September 2019 -
Global Action Agenda has been issued as Chair's Summary.
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